Do what you love

Mohammad Sazzadul Islam, Head of Business Growth & National Operation, BIDDYUT (Chairman, Smart Logistics Standing Committee at eCab) Brother you are awesome and Thanks a lot Gahidul My friend meet with us with Amazing person Sazzadul Bhai. Yes Brother Money is not everything cause we have a life. Most of the people forget this that we have a beautiful life and Of-course life is too short. That’s why day by day increase life difficulties specially in young generations. There is a lot of things we can learn each other’s but we have some ego problem sometimes.

Old age (Experienced) people don’t want to share life journey with young & Young people worried about it. Cause they don’t have enough courage to ask about life story or Career journey or have ego problem. Lack of networking or information we missed a big part of practical knowledge that’s why Young people after graduations only seek Job in Big Corporate Company not any startup.

But the true fact is in my opinion or experience anyone start their journey in startup they will get pure knowledge of Business and will get inspiration to be entrepreneur. If start journey with big company they will start with one responsibility that already prepared by others person. Less then challenge from startup. Yes everybody searching security based job but the true fact is in this world there is no job like this. Cause company also don’t know they can survive or not. There is a lot example available on Road.

Anyways will meet you again InShaALLAH Brother will learn more about life also. Good wishes for Biddyut and Thanks a lot for visiting PerFee Office. Young Generation need Mentor like you. Never work for money, Yes I believe if you will do money will come.

Do what you love and follow your heart 👍

লেখক ও গবেষক – প্রকৌশলী আছিব চৌধুরী

“Love yourself & you will get a way how to live” – Asive Chowdhury

# মেডিসিন থেকে দূরে থাকুন – নিয়মিত শরীর চর্চা করুন এবং সুস্থ্য থাকুন #

আপনার যে কোন মূল্যবান মতামত ও পরামর্শ দিতে পারেন। পরবর্তীতে কি বিষয় নিয়ে লেখা চান সেটিও জানাতে পারেন ইমেইলের

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