Story of entrepreneur Laboni

A journey of Laboni Akter one of the Successful entrepreneur. We suddenly visited her place today on behalf of “Uddiktaloy” listening her entrepreneurship journey. What an amazing story and brave girl she is. We need more girl like you who will get inspiration from your story. Hope you will share more with us step by step.

Guys Laboni started her journey before 3-4 years ago with 8000/- in online shop but now she has 3 shop in Mirpur Shopping complex (Mirpur 2) Is called “Tazin Fashion” with 5-6 staff. She is not only an entrepreneur also create opportunities for others girl. Glad to know her journey. She said Trust no one is key of Business also Positive with every work and more focus on customer satisfaction. That’s enough for grow up. “Uddoktaloy” believe if she can then others girls also can…Love and Respect for her story…Good wishes for her journey…👍 Hope will share more about her story soon with others 🥰 

লেখক ও গবেষক – প্রকৌশলী আছিব চৌধুরী

“Love yourself & you will get a way how to live” – Asive Chowdhury

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